The Distinguished Family of
Catesby ap Roger Jones

The ancestors of Catesby ap Roger Jones include many of the finest early American Colonial families. I have listed this information here for our family's knowledge. While I believe all of this to be reasonably accurate, further documentation should be collected and the facts annotated by their source.

It would be good to annotate this with who fought in the American Revolutionary War and in the War of 1812.


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Notable lineages

There are about 37 ancestors of Catesby ap Roger Jones (born 1821) that held office in the Colonies prior to 1701. Three of these were Governors of Virginia. Other individuals of note that are close to this line include George Mason ("Father of the Bill of Rights"), Robert E. Lee (first cousin of Catesby ap Roger Jones's mother), and George Washington. Queen Elizabeth's maternal grandmother was a 6th cousin of Catesby ap Roger Jones (which makes his grandchildren (such as my mother) 8th cousins of Queen Elizabeth II).

The Catesby line has been traced back to the Domesday Book in 1066 to Sasfrid, the landlord of the town of Catesby, whose descendants were named "de Catesby". The line includes 9 knights and notables William "The Cat" Catesby, Robert Catesby, Sir John Catesby, and Mark Catesby. The Catesbys are related to Princess Diana's lineage.

The Lee line can be traced back from Richard Lee (b. 1613) 25 generations to Alfred the Great (b. 849).

Virginia Governor Robert "King" Carter, through his mother Sarah Ludlowe, is reported to be a 15th generation descendant of King Ferdinand III (Saint Ferdinand III), of Castile and Leon (born 1199).

Mary Horsemanden (wife of Col. Williiam Everyn Byrd I) was a descendant of King Edward III and many more royalty in his or his wife's line.

The Cary line can be traced back to 1208 and has at least three Lords and seven Knights.

The Towneley line can be traced through Lawrence Towneley back to William I the Lion, King of Scotland (d. 1214) and to the Deans of Whalley in 896. See also this page on Towneley Hall.

Ancestry Chart of Catesby ap Roger Jones

Ancestry chart of Catesby ap Roger Jones, traced back generally to immigrants to America with notes on those who served in the Colonies before 1701. I may have missed some individuals (if you notice any, please let me know). While this information is as accurate as possible, there are most likely some errors. To verify the information, the sources must be checked and the lineage confirmed by more authoritative sources.

Notes with this color indicate individuals who held office in the American Colonies before 1701
Notes with this color are points of interest or genealogical information..
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Mother Women

(Commodore) Catesby ap Roger Jones (b. 21 Apr 1821, "Fairfield", Frederick (now Clarke) Co., Virginia; d 20 Jun 1877, Selma, AL; m. 23 Mar 1865, Selma, AL.)

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